Phinix Virtual Kitchens Group

Special Service

School Lunches

Covid-19 has disrupted not just our work places but schools as well. Some schools continue to staff cafeteria, but many elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, especially private ones, no longer have in-house food production. They ask parents to pack food or they outsource caterings to outside parties.

Here is where our high-capacity kitchen shines. We are able to prepare meals for hundreds of students and deliver on time around Greater Boston. If you are a parent or a school administrator, please inquire for options.

One of our advantages is our uniquely clean kitchen. This means that we are more than just sanitary – we don’t carry many of the typical allergens (shellfish, or peanuts). We also have kosher, and kosher-style options, halal meats, gluten free pretty much everything, and house-make our sauces such as ketchup and dressings: meaning your child will not be getting sugar-packed condiments.

Phinix prepares HUNDREDS of school meals FRESH every morning and delivers to schools in greater Boston area.