Myth: If Food is Healthy it Has to be Bland and Boring

One of the biggest myths is that if the food is healthy it has to be a salad. Otherwise, it is bland and boring. And all the delicious, juicy, finger-licking things have to be deep-fried…

Taste and healthfulness of food is NOT mutually exclusive. Certainly fresh salads are a good way to bring vitamins and minerals and (importantly Fiber!) into your body, but there are many more options than just salads – options you can eat with BIG FLAVOR, while remaining on the healthy side of the fork.

Healthfulness of your meal is depended on the following:

  • Quality of ingredients:
    • Better chicken and quality oils will do more for your body than cheapest options
  • Preparation technique:
    • How you prepare food – matters. One can take the most organic high-grade piece of Wagyu Steak from Japan, but slather it in a bunch of butter and overcook it, resulting in an unhealthy piece of burned meat.
    • Deep frying vs. grilling vs. baking
    • Or one can take a sweet potato, which has carbs (sugar) and prepare it in such a way as to lower the sugar content of the food – making it lower-glycemic. That’s knowledge
  • Sugar content:
    • Sugar is a rising new silent killer and it is present in many many foods you consume. (More on this in a separate post). In a nutshell, minimize breads, pasta, ketchup, and other refined and processed foods. The same burger without the bun is much better for your health than with it.
    • Fatty, sugary dressings. You put those on your healthiest salad and that will undo many of the salad’s benefits
  • Quantity of calories:
    • Portion-control is important. You could be eating nothing but bowls of salads all day long, adding up to 3000 calories. But if your body only needs 1500 calories – you’ve done a disservice to your organism.  

There are many more such small tips and tricks that can help you enjoy burgers, wings, parboiled rice and homemade ketchup if done right.

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